7 Tips to Keep Your Printer Ink to Last Longer

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7 Tips to Keep Your Printer Ink to Last Longer

One of the most common problems with printer ink is that sometimes you will run out of ink too fast. You might need to examine how you use your printer ink when this happens. You can keep your printer ink to last longer by following the tips that will guarantee more efficiency in the way you use your printer ink. Here are 7 tips to keep your printer ink to last longer:

  1. Use Your Printer Ink At Least Once Per Day

It’s important for you to use your printer ink at least once per day, even when you don’t need to use it. This is to keep the print head active and to avoid drying out the cartridge. You will dry out the ink inside the cartridge if you don’t use it for too long. So, using your printer ink at least once per day is necessary to keep your printer ink cartridge in its best shape. This way, you don’t need to throw away the cartridge after finding out that you have dried it up without using much of the ink.

Important Tip: You don’t need to use the ink to print unnecessary documents every day. You just need to print one sample document per day if you don’t use it. Often, your printer software will provide the option for you to print the sample document.

  1. Print in Black and White and Economy Mode

Printing in black and white will also help you keep your printer ink to last longer. The fewer the colors you need to print, the more pages you can print with your ink cartridges. Even for color cartridges, printing in black and white can also save a lot on your ink use. It’s also important to mention that many printers have the draft or economy mode, which will only use very little ink for each printed document. You can use this mode if you want to save plenty of ink on your printer, so you can print lots more documents by doing so.

Important Tip: Printing in black and white and economy mode can also speed up the printing process, and it will put less strain on the printer. It can also help keep your printer to last longer.

  1. Check the Documents Before Printing

You need to check each document before printing if you want to save more on your printer ink. Why? The reason is that you will waste plenty of ink and paper if you don’t check each document for errors before printing. You will need to fix the mistakes in your documents and re-print them again, resulting in too much ink usage to print the same document. It’s best for you to perform a thorough checking of your documents before starting the printing process to minimize any instances of errors and to minimize the need for reprinting.

Important Tip: Use a spellchecker or grammar checker program for your documents before printing them, as it will minimize errors in your spelling and grammar. Double check the documents before you hit the print button.

  1. Print Only the Essential Documents

Nowadays, digitalization is quite common in our everyday life, including in school and work life. So, you don’t need to print each document you create or each web page you visit. It’s best for you to save on your printer ink by minimizing your printing activity. You should only print the essential documents and leave the rest of the documents in their digital format.

Important Tip: Some people print most of their documents for the sake of archiving them, but it’s not necessary in today’s digital environment. You can still archive all your important documents by using cloud storage services. By using the cloud storage service, you can access your documents from anywhere without worrying about losing them.

  1. Change Your Font to Avoid Wasting Your Printer Ink

Your font can also affect the way you are using your printer ink. For instance, fonts that have bold typefaces will consume more ink when you print them. Printing one document can consume a lot more ink when you use fonts with bold typefaces than when you use fonts with regular typefaces. So, be sure to check your font and see if the font you are using might waste too much ink when you print it.

Important Tip: Unless you are printing for art, keep using fonts with regular typefaces for your documents, as it can help save quite a lot of your printer ink overall.

  1. Use the Official Ink Cartridges from Your Printer Brand

It’s best for you to use the recommended or the official ink cartridges from your printer brand. It will give you the best printing quality for your documents, and the official cartridges will also keep your printer at its best performance. You should avoid using refill ink from third-party companies, because often, refill ink can damage the print head as your ink cartridges are often not suitable for a refill procedure.

Important Tip: Depending on your printer type and model, you will need to purchase different ink cartridges for your printer. Remember, when you run out of ink, it’s best for you to replace the cartridges with the new cartridges to maintain the best print quality.

  1. Only Change Your Ink Cartridge when You Run Out of Ink

Sometimes, your printer software will give you a warning when you have low ink level in your ink cartridge. You might think that you need to replace the cartridge right away. Please note that you don’t need to replace the ink cartridge right away when you see this pop-up message on your screen. The printer software is just giving you a message that you will run out of ink soon. Often, you can still use the ink cartridge to print many more pages even after you get the low ink notification from your printer software.

Important Tip: Prepare the replacement cartridge if you see the low ink pop-up message on screen. However, replace the cartridge only when you are sure that it can no longer print the documents at its normal quality.


These are the tips to keep your printer ink to last longer. Some ink or toner cartridges will allow you to print thousands of pages before you need to replace them. So, use your printer ink as best as possible without wasting too much ink during your printing activity.

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