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Press Release: Epson™ Direct To Film Replacement Ink
Thanks to advancements in printing technologies, there is a ground-breaking process that rivals DTG printing and is a perfect cost-effective upgrade for any garment customization business.
What is DTF printing?
Direct to Film printing is a technology that allows users to print designs onto special films. These films are then transferred onto a garment of choice using an adhesive and can last as long as silkscreen prints. Similar to most heat transfer processes; a quality printer and heat press are necessary for maximizing this process.
In DTF printing, it is also important to use quality inks to avoid printhead clogging. That’s why you’ll need to use specially formulated direct to film inks that are made in the US where rigorous quality testing is the norm. For over twenty years, STS Inks has provided its customers with the American made quality they’ve come to expect.
Another important material for this process is printable two-sided cold peel film. Ordinary PET films just won’t do with DTF printing. Untreated, low-quality films can smudge the print, not accept the adhesive, or destroy the garment altogether. This specially treated film can withstand high temperatures and up to 40 seconds of hard pressure on a heat press. This high-quality printable film is compatible with any desktop or large format DTF printer as is also available at STS Inks.
Lastly, you will need a high-quality adhesive to combine them all. We have developed a special adhesive, that is durable, keeps the transfer soft, and can withstand up to 30+ hand-washes. Our adhesive powder is durable before and after pressing with no excessive foul smell, excellent coverage, and excellent industry-standard transfer rate. Even better, any excess adhesive powder can be stored and reused for the next transfer, making sure no adhesive is left unused.
The Process
Design – Create your own design using your favorite graphic design software (i.e., Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.)
Print – Print your design on our two-sided cold peel. Depending on the printer used, it will print the colors first, then a white top layer that serves as the base layer on the shirt.
Apply – Apply the powder adhesive evenly onto the printed film. Shake off any excess and store them for later use.
Bake – Melt the adhesive to the film using a heat press or oven. Hover the heat press platen on top of the adhesive to ensure even heat throughout at a temperature of
300-325 F.
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