Xaar 1003 GS-6U Printhead

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Xaar 1003® is an industrial head with outstanding image quality and high productivity.

This printhead is being used by a diverse series of printers focusing on Ceramic and label printing.

One of its main attributes is its High Laydown Technology that enables any printer to achieve high production levels at any printing mode.


Physical attributes Xaar® 1003 GS6U Xaar® 1003 GS12U Xaar® 1003 GS40U
Active nozzles 1000 1000 1000
Print swathe width 70.5 mm 70.5 mm 70.5 mm
Number of rows 2 2 2
Nozzle pitch (interleaved) 70.5 µm 70.5 µm 70.5 µm
Drop velocity* 6 m/s 6 m/s 5 m/s
Nozzle density (nozzles per inch) 360 npi 360 npi 360 npi
Printhead weight (dry) 144 g 144 g 144 g
Ink type Solvent, UV, Oil Solvent, UV, Oil UV, Oil
Drop volume* (at 8 levels) 6 to 42 pL 12 to 84 pL 40 to 160 pL
Number of grey levels* 8 8 5
Typical firing frequency* 6 kHz 6 to 12 kHz 6 kHz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 125x30x60 mm 125x30x60 mm 125x30x60 m



Compatible Printers:

  • Xeikon ®Jetrion Printers

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