Tips to Maintain your Printheads in Optimal Conditions

Tips to Maintain your Printheads in Optimal Conditions

As a printer owner, you know that proper care and maintenance of your printhead are essential to keeping your machine running smoothly. But with so many different types of printheads on the market, it can be challenging to know how to properly care for yours. In this article post, we'll explore the different types of printheads and how to keep them well-maintained. We've got you covered whether you have a thermal or piezoelectric printhead!

Thermal Printheads

Thermal heads are an essential component of a thermal printer. They are responsible for releasing heat onto a specific spot on a roll of paper or other material so that it will produce uniform, high-quality images, and text. Using the heat from the thermal head, different elements can be printed by contacting this heat source and activating certain embedded features within the printing device. These components can be found in many industries, from office supplies to medical device manufacturing. Although thermal heads may seem hardy and durable, they require regular maintenance and protection to extend their lifespan. Without proper care, thermal heads may overheat and become damaged over time, resulting in poor print quality or even malfunctioning the device. To keep your thermal printer in top shape, utilize services like cleaning pads or chemical solutions provided by manufacturers to ensure that it functions as intended. Some tips are:

  • Keep them clean - free of dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Avoid using them in extreme temperatures.
  • Don't drop or subject them to impact
  • Store them properly when not in use
  • Use only recommended cleaning solutions and supplies.

Piezo Electric Printheads

Piezoelectric printheads are an innovative tool in the printing industry, offering fast and efficient print results on various materials. Also known as "direct-to-substrate" printheads, they use specialized piezo technology to drive ink droplets onto a substrate like paper, plastic, or fabric – with astonishing accuracy. This state-of-the-art print process passes electric pulses through each printhead, creating pressure within the chamber which moves the ink forward and out of the nozzle betwixt each pulse. This constant movement of the printhead controls precisely how much dye is diverted where - ensuring high-quality results every time.

Piezo printheads allow for unparalleled speeds, providing print abilities even companies couldn't dream of before. They represent a fascinating advance for the printing industry - revolutionizing how print jobs are done efficiently and cost-effectively.

Piezo printheads are vital components in various printing devices and play a crucial role in producing high-quality output. That is why cleaning and maintaining the piezo printheads regularly is essential. Without maintenance, these printheads can start to suffer from buildups and malfunctions, which can cause prints to become deficient in quality or even fail to produce any output. While maintenance can seem expensive and time-consuming, ultimately, it proves to be cheaper than replacing the entire piezo printhead when it needs repairs due to poor maintenance. Furthermore, maintenance keeps the piezo printhead performing optimally for longer, so fewer maintenance cycles are required over the device's lifespan.

How often should you clean your thermal heads?

Cleaning thermal heads should be a regular part of your printer maintenance. Depending on the volume of printing and the type of media you use, thermal heads may need to be cleaned every few weeks or at most once per month to ensure optimal performance. It's important to note that thermal heads should only be cleaned when necessary, and the exact cleaning instructions depend upon the specific thermal head model you are using. If your thermal heads become clogged or discolored, it is likely an indication that a more frequent cleaning schedule needs to be adopted for the thermal head to operate correctly. Regular care and maintenance of thermal heads are essential for any print job that needs precise ink application.

How often should you clean your Piezo Electric heads?

Maintaining your Piezo Electric heads is critical to keeping them printing accurately. We'll discuss three proven methods to keep your printheads clean and functioning correctly. It's important to remember that how often you should clean your printheads depends on the volume of work they do. Some tips are:

  • Manual Cleaning – This is done manually with a soft cloth or swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. It should be used on the whole length of the print head, not just the nozzles. Depending on the amount of work done by the printer, manual cleaning should be done at least once a week.
  • Printer's Cleaning Cycle – This is a very effective method where the printer has unique internal processes to auto-clean the printheads. Some models, like the Mimaki (latest models), have a sensor to detect missing nozzles, and the printer starts an autocleaning process automatically. Also, most large format printers have built-in cleaning routines when missing nozzles are present.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning – This specialized method utilizes an ultrasonic cleaner and a particular cleaning solution to clean the Piezo Electric heads. It requires less frequency than manually cleaning, but it also requires more attention since improper use may damage the print heads. This method is most beneficial for very stubborn clogs and primarily for printheads that use white ink. Since White ink is dense than CMYK colors, it causes more clogging issues and is the number one cause for printheads to get clogged.

Taking into account the above methods and following a regular cleaning routine will help keep your Piezo electric heads in optimal condition. Doing so will ensure that your printer operates efficiently, thus avoiding any unnecessary losses due to downtime or poor print quality. Keeping the print heads clean is essential for achieving high-quality results and maximizing productivity.

How long does a printhead Last?

Concerning printer longevity, printheads are a crucial factor in the equation and vary drastically depending on usage and maintenance. Printheads can last more than two years in optimal environments such as light commercial applications or low-volume production. However, if overused or not maintained properly, you could be looking at a much shorter lifespan.

Regular printhead cleaning is essential to ensure sustained performance and life expectancy. Cleaning your printhead after every order or batch printed prolongs the lifespan beyond what would be expected if the head wasn't cleaned. With proper care and use, you can expect your printheads to last far longer than you might initially expect.

Also, maintain your work area & printer clean. Dust is also an enemy of your printheads.

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