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Mimaki's first DTF (Direct To Film) printer

The TxF150-75 is Mimaki’s first DTF (Direct-to-Film) printer, packed with Mimaki technology to overcome the common ink ejection and ink sedimentation issues of current DTF printers in the market. Using genuine Mimaki heat transfer pigment ink, which acquired ECO PASSPORT certification, it assures skin friendly printing at the highest image quality. This unique combination ensures a highly reliable and stable DTF print workflow backed by Mimaki’s industry best service and support.

Mimaki Core Tecnologies

  • Degassed Ink Pack: Eliminate air from entering through to the ink supply to the print head, thereby preventing nozzle drop out and ensuring constant high image quality.
  • New White Ink Circulation Technology (MCTv2): Prevents white ink sedimentation by continuously circulating the ink all the way to the damper above the print head for continuous high-quality production.
  • 3-Way Intelligent Heater: Pre- and print heaters control the spread of ink on the media for blur free image quality and post heater accelerates drying of ink.
  • New Pinch Roller System: Fine-tuned pressure of pinch rollers enabling stable DTF film feeding.
  • Nozzle Check Unit (NCU): Automatically checks and detects clogged nozzles and starts cleaning function to recover them.
  • Nozzle Recovery System (NRS): When Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) cannot recover clogged nozzle by cleaning function, the Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) automatically substitutes defective nozzles with working ones to ensure constant image quality and uninterrupted production.
  • OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT Certification: PHT50 thermal pigment inks are OEKO-TEX® certified. Ensuring the inks are free from any chemicals that could be harmful to human health. PHT50 inks are suitable to print skin-friendly clothing and other textiles for end users.

What is DTF?

A printing method which prints directly on DTF film, sprinkles hot-melt powder, which is then heated and dried to form transferable ink layer. The ink layer is heat-pressed and transferred to a fabric such as T-shirt.

Market Opportunity with DTF

Watch this Webinar made by Mimaki Europe to understand the capabilities and opportunites with DTF Technology.

TE-ZH820 Custom Dryer & Shaker for the Mimaki TXF150-75

The special custom Shaker and Dryer specifically designed for the Mimaki TXF150-75 is the ideal companion to complement the printing process and obtain the best quality possible to transfer effectively to any garment.



There is a wide spectrum of applications for all type of garments made out of polyester, Cotton, Blends and even leather. Personalize TOT Bags, T-Shirts, Towels, Pillow Covers and much more!


PRICE $29,900
Printer + Shaker + Consumables + Installation + Shipping