Anapurna M2540 Ink Tube ID: 1.5mm OD: 2.5mm (12.5m roll) - D2+7400101-0011

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This 12.5m long UV black tube is suitable for Dilli UVT-1606S & Agfa Anapurna M1600 / M2540 printers. This is the original Dilli part (number D2+7400101-0011 replacing D2+7400101-0001). This tube connects the pumps to the ink sub tanks. This 12.5m long tube has an inner diameter of 1.5mm and an outer diameter of 2.5mm.

    Compatible Printers:

    • Anapurna 100
    • Anapurna M1600
    • Anapurna M2050
    • Neo Titan UVT-1606S

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