DX-A Recovery Solution for Solvent Epson Heads

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DX-A was designed to work with eco-solvent inks. It's safe for the print heads, it can be mixed with inks and flushing solvents that come with the inks. It won't damage print heads when left inside them for a few hours.

- Advanced chemistry formulated specifically for unclogging Epson heads.
- Safe for print heads.
- Can be used with PHD-LE kits, a PHD machine, or even with just a syringe.
- A great solution for soaking clogged print heads.
- Works with eco-solvent and solvent print heads.

Note: if you have older DX4 or DX5 print heads from water-based machines, it is recommended to test if the plastic manifold on your print head is chemically resistant to the DX fluids. Just put a drop of fluid on the plastic surface, wait a minute, and wipe it off with a white cloth. If the cloth remains white, the plastic is OK. If you see some streaks on the cloth, then the plastic isn't compatible with the fluid.

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