HP Expedio Ink Pump with Tube Fittings - CW980-00432

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This ink pump with tube fittings is suitable for HP / NUR Expedio printers. This is the original HP part (number CW980-00432 replacing NUR part 21-0184). This is a single ink pump.


    • Scitex FB6050
    • Scitex FB6100 (Tempo Q)
    • Scitex XL1200 2.2M (XLJet 2)
    • Scitex XL1200 3.2M (XLJet 3)
    • Scitex XL1200 5M (XLJet 5)
    • Scitex XL1500 2.2M (XLJet +2)
    • Scitex XL1500 3.2M (XLJet +3)
    • Scitex XL1500 5M (XLJet +5)
    • Scitex XP2100 (Expedio 3200)
    • Scitex XP2300
    • Scitex XP2700 (Expedio Inspiration)
    • Scitex XP2750
    • Scitex XP5100 (Expedio 5000)
    • Scitex XP5300 (Expedio Revolution
    • Scitex XP5500

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