Konica KM512 MH 14PL. With Heater.

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The Konica Minolta KM512 MN printhead is a robust, shear mode, piezo on-demand printhead that is usable in both binary and 4 level grayscale mode, providing variable drop size and higher print quality without the use of additional print heads. The Konica Minolta KM512 MN printhead has 512 nozzles with a droplet size of 14 picoliters and a native resolution of 360 dpi. It is compatible with oil based, solvent and UV inks.

Shear mode, Piezo On-Demand Printhead

Piezo on-demand inkjet ejects ink drops utilizing deformation of small ink chambers composed of piezoelectric material, by applying electric field in accordance with signals. The principle of shear mode piezo actuation with shared wall structure allows lower power consumption as well as a high-density nozzle array.

512 Nozzle with 360 dpi Spacing

High resolution, 360 nozzle per inch spacing has enabled arranging 512 Nozzle on a compactly designed printhead. The KM512 MN corresponds to unit drop volume capabilities of 14pl.

Compatible with Solvent, UV, Oil …

Due to its specially designed internal structure, the KM512 MN boasts a wide range of ink compatibility, including aggressive solvent inks typically used for super-wide format printers. Inks which have high viscosity at room temperature,such as UV ink, can be heated up to 55 degrees Celsius with the H type’s internal heater.

Enabling Compact Design of Head Mount System

This series is specially designed to have a “wing” structure so that users can precisely align the printheads without difficulty. This feature allows easy combination of page-width printhead units for the purpose of single-pass high-speed printing. The same external design allows interchangeability of different type heads on the same mount system.

Newly lineup 35pl type for solvent ink

This printhead is available for solvent inks and its nozzle plate which has depressed portion scratch resistant.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is one of the most promising markets for Inkjet Printhead printing.
Thanks to their ability to print on various substrates with high productivity, large format inkjet printers have been continuously replacing analogue screen processes.

Indoor Graphics

Large-format inkjet printers are also widely utilized for reproduction of high quality indoor graphics used in restaurants and shopping malls.
Super-fine ink droplets enable reproduction of photo-grade images on a variety of substrates.

Label Printing

There is an ever-growing demand for high-speed, commercial label printing of variable data such as barcodes and individual addresses.
Inkjet technology is the best suited approach to provide solutions to the label industry.

Material Deposition

Not limited to printing applications, application of inkjet technology is expanding to other fields such as LCD color filter manufacturing and circuit patterning.
Konica Minolta IJ provides solutions for the electronic device manufacturing industry with its renowned precise dot-placement technology.

Textile Printing

Introduction of inkjet has dramatically simplified the workflow of analogue textile printing by eliminating laborious plate making processes.
Digital inkjet textile printing, capable of reproducing rich colors and delicate tones with high productivity, has been attracting attention in this industry, too.

KM512 MN 14PL
Active nozzles 512
Print swathe width 1.42″ (36.1 mm)
Nozzle pitch 70.5 μm (141 μm x 2 lines)
Nozzle Resolution 180 dpi x 2 rows = 360 dpi
Nozzle  density
Printhead weight (dry) 0.20 lbs (95 g)
Fluid type Solvent
Drop volume* 14 pl
Typical firing frequency 12.8 kHz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2.63″x1.57″x2.48″ (67x40x63mm)



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