Ricoh GEN4 7-35PL Printhead - MH2420

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The Ricoh GEN4 MH2420 printhead is suitable for a range of aqueous, solvent and UV printers. This printhead has an integrated heater and thermistor. This is Ricoh original printhead and it is covered by a manufacturer warranty. This cable including the connector is 44 cm long. The printhead comes with hose barb ink inlet that can be removed in. case o-ring sealed ink inlet are required. This printhead corresponds to Ricoh part numbers N220792W, N220792S or N220792E.

Compatible Printers:

  • Anajet mPower
  • Anajet MPower MP5i
  • Anajet MPower MP10i
  • CET Color X-Press 500Q
  • Digitex Gunsjet SF-1914
  • Digitex Gunsjet SR-1808
  • Digitex Gunsjet SR-2508
  • Digitex Gunsjet SR-3208
  • Digitex Gunsjet UF4547
  • Durst Omega 1
  • Durst Omega 2
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-08F
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-10FFW
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-10FRW
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-12F
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-12S
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-14SFW
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-14SRW
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-16F
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-16SFWFV
  • DYSS Apollo GF2616-16SRWRV
  • DYSS Apollo GH1600-08F
  • DYSS Apollo GH1600-08SF
  • DYSS Apollo GH1600-08SR
  • DYSS Apollo GH1600-10FM
  • DYSS Apollo GH1600-12S
  • DYSS Apollo GH1600-12SFWFV
  • DYSS Apollo GH2200-08F
  • DYSS Apollo GH2200-08SF
  • DYSS Apollo GH2200-08SR
  • DYSS Apollo GH2200-10FM
  • DYSS Apollo GH2200-12S
  • DYSS Apollo GH2200-16SFWFV
  • DYSS Apollo GH2600-08F
  • DYSS Apollo GH2600-08SF
  • DYSS Apollo GH2600-08SR
  • DYSS Apollo GH2600-10FM
  • DYSS Apollo GH2600-12S
  • DYSS Apollo GH2600-12SFWFV
  • Gandy Digital Domin8tor

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