VUTEk Print Head Alignment Jig Kit

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This VUTEk Jig for Spectra Nova Print Heads helps position a new Spectra Nova print head assembly easily and accurately in the original VUTEk print head bezel. It is compatible with VUTEk UltraVU 150, UltraVU 2360, UltraVU 5330, UltraVU II 3360, PV200/60 and PV320/400 printers. The kit includes a re-usable jig, a heater jig to effortlessly remove the heater element, 330ml of high-quality sealer, and step-by-step instructions.

Compatible Printers:

  • VUTEk PressVu UV 180/600
  • VUTEk PressVu UV 200/600
  • VUTEk PressVu UV 320/400
  • VUTEk UltraVu 150
  • VUTEk UltraVu 2360
  • VUTEk UltraVu II 3360
  • VUTEk UltraVu II 5330


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