Xaar Nitrox (Cor/Pro/Elite)

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Inkjet printing technology group Xaar has launched its latest printhead, the Nitrox, which provides users with greater print speeds across a variety of applications.

The Nitrox has the same Hybrid Side Shooter architecture and the same physical size as 1003, with the same print width of 70mm and with 1000 nozzles at 360dpi. However, the major advantage of the Nitrox is that Xaar has upgraded the electronics as Michael Walsh, Xaar’s chief product architect, explains: “We have increased the data rate of the image and increased the frequency of the image getting sent to the printhead. In addition to that, we have been able to upgrade how we generate waveforms and have produced a new waveform development process that allows us to access these higher frequencies and as such we have moved from 36khz up to 48khz with this product.

Whether using the latest highly viscous fluids for 3D printing or High Laydown for packaging and labels, the speed, performance, and productivity of the Xaar Nitrox mean you can use it to print right the first time and every time.

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